First, the Statutory Warning.

Demon Internet's Customer Homepages Acceptable Use Policy requires that index pages must not contain any material likely to offend, and that a warning page be displayed before any adult material is displayed.

Now I don't quite know what "adult" means in this context, and the dictionary doesn't help much. I don't believe my pages contain anything illegal, defamatory, confidential, secret or proprietary. They certainly don't contain obscene (or even indecent) images, nor anything else that might "deprave or corrupt", whatever that means. Most of what is on my pages will be (if I ever finish them) simply pointers to stuff that interests me.

But if by "adult" you mean topics that adults should be concerned about, then yes, you might from time to time find such things, and some people might find them offensive.

Finally, the presence of links to information provided by other people or organizations does not necessarily imply that I endorse their objectives or opinions, and I do not represent any of them in any official capacity. Nor do I accept responsibility for the content of any linked pages outside this server.

Right. With all that out of the way, Now Read On...

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