This page is just a few links to flying-related things.

This is what I currently fly:{short description of image}a Robin Aiglon R1180TD. This ws Pierre Robin's contender for the American market - unlike the more characteristic wooden Robins with cranked wings, an all-metal genuine 4-seater with competitive cruise performance. There's surprisingly little web-based information about this model, or I would post some links to it.

It's based at North Weald Airfield.

See this page for directions to the airfield

The inner blue circle on this map{short description of image}(500K) shows roughly how far we can travel in 15 minutes at cruising speed, depending on the wind. The shaded areas around London and Stansted are effectively out of bounds, but otherwise we can go almost anywhere. The journey time to the Isle of Wight or Le Touquet is around one hour each way.

This is a briefing for first-time passengers. If you're hoping to fly with me, please read it.

Before G-GEEP, I had a share in this aircraft, Remains of G-BZAJ(see here for the full story)

I first learned to fly in Piper Warrior aircraft, mostly this one,G-BTRK from Stapleford Flight Centre which is located here

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